Products for your kitchen

The cabinets are probably the most important part of your kitchen, but there are other elements that need to be planned along with the style and layout.

At Chef Cocinas Reddy we offer a wide range of products that allow you to configure fully equipped, perfect kitchens.

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Products for your kitchen


Every client has his or her own ideas for the perfect kitchen. That is why every project needs to be planned individually which in turn requires a flexible system to create that perfect space.

At Chef Cocinas Reddy we have the end-to-end solution for your new kitchen.

  • Different styles to create kitchens with character
  • Infinite options for the most efficient use of available space
  • Ergonomics and design for ease of use
  • Top-quality materials guaranteeing maximum durability
  • Finishes resistant to scratches, fingerprints or staining

Are you applying for a public subsidy to finance your project? Our materials comply with the PEFC scheme, contact us for more details.

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Products for your kitchen


There is an ideal type of worktop for every kitchen, but how to find it? The use, aesthetics and resistance are factors that help to make the right choice. That is why we have a wide range of materials with different characteristics.

  • Wide range of options to complement the kitchen design
  • Unique designs that add character to the space
  • Natural products such as granite and artificial stone materials such as Silestone, Dekton and others.
  • Timeless and durable worktops that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Finishes resistant to scratches, fingerprints or staining

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Porcelain worktops

Porcelain is a sophisticated and advanced material. The main feature of porcelain worktops is great durability and the best abrasion resistance, the hardness equals that of quartz.

Laminate worktops

Laminate worktops are very popular because of the natural look of wood. Modern laminate materials are very durable and resistant and can be safely used in kitchens.

Granite worktops

Granite is the best natural material for kitchen worktops. Not only is it very tough and long-lasting, it is also full of character. Because granite is sourced naturally, every worktop is different.

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Products for your kitchen


Which appliances are right for you? Our kitchen planning service includes a wide range of appliances from reputable manufacturers - your entire new kitchen will come from a single source!

  • Best brands and top quality products
  • Latest technology solutions
  • Energy efficient products with the lowest environmental impact
  • Warranty and post-sales service

Fridges and freezers

All our models, whether they are fridges, freezers, combined, side-by-side, European-style, American, built-in or freestanding, offer you the versatility you need to keep your products fresh and delicious for longer.

View refrigeration appliances from Siemens:

Ovens, hobs and extractor hoods

With our cooking appliances you can prepare or re-heat delicious meals quickly while preserving all the flavours and nutrients.

But how about the kitchen smells? Choose the right hood for you - we have different sizes and models, inclined hoods or decorative island hoods.

View cooking and ventilation appliances from Siemens:

We offer latest solutions such as ovens controlled with an app and over WiFi

Otros equipos

Do you prefer to rest after a meal and let your appliances take care of the cleaning? Or perhaps you need something extra to help you with your daily routines? Simply choose the right products from our catalogue.

See other kitchen appliances from Siemens:

Sinks and taps

Sinks and taps complement the choice of equipment for your perfect kitchen.

We recommend Franke products, known for their quality and longevity.

Quooker taps

Quooker is a tap, but also much more!

The system delivers boiling water at 100°C or chilled still or sparkling water directly from a single tap, all filtered.

Quooker is synonymous with convenience in the kitchen.

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Products for your kitchen


You know the style you want and we've designed the perfect layout for your space, but how are you going to get your new kitchen going?

You need to organise it, fill it with light and simply make it work for you!

  • Innovative space saving solutions
  • Modern and energy efficient lighting solutions
  • Accessories for your perfect kitchen that are functional, ergonomic and useful.


Storage makes the kitchen work harder!

There are so many options for organising all the things you use in your kitchen. The best thing would be for us to explain them to you so that you can make your ideal kitchen work the way you want it to.


Lighting is super-important not only for the workspaces, but also to accentuate and enliven the style of your kitchen.

Visit our showroom to see how our lighting solutions can help elevate your kitchen to the next level.


We also offer a wide range of accessories to complement the style and design of your kitchen.

Speak to us y te recomendaremos las soluciones más prácticas para ti.

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